Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just a few more doodles

Getting ever closer to a big move in my life, figured i'd throw up a few more of the drawings I've done in recent weeks.

First up, the obvious new Melon and Posts that are almost simply falling out of me.

 all the M&P's have stories behind them, but the most recent one is a straight imitation of a picture from before:

 The funny part is I'm photo shopped in on the "real" photo. I had to take the picture first, then got myself in later.

 I have a running joke with my football buddies about Tim Tebow, and how he will save us all.

Lastly, i was experimenting with a more comic-y style

 When i posted it to friends, instead of decent feedback, i got "That really looks like James, lolololol"

James is very hairy. I made this to shut them up.

 I think it's better then the first one.