Sunday, January 23, 2011


It's been so long, what has happened to the Post? Has Melon found a way to heal her beloved friend?

Parking Meter? Is the Tomato...just messing with us? OR IS HE SERIOUS?!?!  

tune in next time for our next installment of the Post reboot:

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Post Reboot

I had established a clear Post style, then just as everyone got attached to him, I ripped the look out from under their feet. Despite my clear reasons as to why, giving an arty explanation for it just...isn't enough. 

So like a crappy Soap Opera writer, I needed a reason for the reboot. I needed a story. Don't I try to make stories anyway? Didn't I go to school for that? 

It's time to bring Melon and Post into the next level. Where one panel cannot tell the whole tale. Where more then 1000 words are needed. I present to you the story of why Post changed. In the way it should have been done


Stay tuned!

P.S. Don't take that as an insult to Lady Gaga. It's not an insult if it's true. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Evolutionary Posting

One of the best things about my character Post is the unlimited amount of title puns it offers me.

My friends would probably say thats one of the worst things.

Anyway, have the last Melon and Post I made in 2010:

I posted this alone for a reason. I've decided that with a new year, comes something I should have done a long time ago. Redesign Post.

Why? Post has caused me problems since the start. Let me outline why.

These are the 3 versions of Post I've had so far. 

#1: First iteration was back in the super sketchy phase, it was easy to make everything work. But As they grew, I had to bring Post into the world of being fully rendered.

#2:  Naturally the biggest obstacle is finding out where to put his mouth. When I decided to make a fully rendered Melon & Post, I decided to close off all sides. I also came up with the deviously clever idea of whenever Post has his mouth open, his tongue is a light bulb. Turns out I was kidding myself, it wasn't enough. He doesn't look at all like a lamppost now does he?

This led to a hilarious misinterpretation

After hiding the body I realized that his error in guessing what Post was showed just how flawed Post's design actually was. 

I came up with the solution of keeping a faceplate, but taking out the others so you could see his lightbulb, like you see in #3. 

It actually seemed like a quality solution, but at the same time, I was still unhappy. For one thing, it added a lot of extra lines I had to draw to make all the support poles and everything work. The beauty of Melon is her simplicity. I do all the detail work with the color. So while I love my Post, I decided that he still needed an overhaul. I only put it off for so long because I felt I was doing myself and his fans a bit of an injustice by changing him. But I decided to try. It became what elements to keep, and what to jettison, and how to translate. For one thing, I always hated those damn little balls on each corner. 

This is what I came up with:

I liked his angular lined nature before, he was very geometrical, and it was sort of a nice balance with the supreme roundness of Melon. The issue is most Lampposts are many sides, and I'd still have the issue of where to put his mouth. He had to stay the same character, and mouth placement is a part of that. 

I saw a lamppost the other day that was a pole, with a bulb on top. I liked it. Drawing it however, it looked like Post was a crystal ball on a stand. So I made him more oblong and added a "hat" top piece, similar to his old style. 

It's still a striking change, and I have to draw a bunch of M&P's like this now, but for the challenge I had it seems to work very well. Its simpler, less confined by arbitrary limits that I backed into. I can do more with him. New Year, new Post. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolution Post.

When I drew the first Melon & Post cartoon, it was a one-off joke sketch interpretation of a relationship between a couple of people, myself being the lamppost. Most people who know me also know who the Melon is. That these two are “not connected to real life people” was always a joke and everyone knew it.

But the two of them were kind of endearing as characters and the drawing continued. Yeah, it was obviously “us” but at the same time, it wasn’t. Most of the drawings were based off dumb conversation riffs and in-jokes I had with “melon”. As they grew, I started to fully render the drawings, and I started to also add more characters. These side characters were also based right off real world people. I took an element of the person, picked an inanimate object appropriate to them, and went to town.

My art skill increased in the drawings, and the world became more filled with characters and hilarity.
Then I recently drew a cartoon that harkened back to the old, original style, and I realized something.

I got away from what made me love them in the first place.

No other side characters. No fancy backgrounds. Simple, to the point, which is the relationship between the two. Not only is Post too tall for the umbrella to cover Melon, it’s also actively making it worse, and he doesn’t notice. There is a lot more character in this picture then most of the ones I’ve drawn for a while, even if the art isn’t as impressive or the colors as good.

It wasn’t the art that made them good in the first place, it was the relationships between them, and the drawing fed off it. That’s why a bunch of 15 minute sketchy doodles became so popular to me and my friends.

In an effort to return to what made them great, I’m going to try and stop making cartoons “starring” whatever person I feel like pleasing that day. Of all the side characters I’ve made, about 2-3 actually interest me and make me feel I could add to the story with them.

I want to explore the world, and see if I can make these two more of their own characters, and realize the world through them, instead of realize the world they live in instead.

My next planned posts concerning these two are going to be character analysis, and Story analysis. I don't want to add more characters, as fun as it is, because I'm not sure what they could add at this point. I will touch on the few characters I added that I do like, however. Namely the Tomato. 

the Tomato has potential.