Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dignified Screwing around

So I recently decided to make a flattering self portrait

That's me, epitome of class.

here was my reference photo, to make sure my true essence was captured:

I captured my spirit quite well, I think
When doing the portrait, I did the beard last, since it was over everything and would take forever to make all those special individual strokes. I saved a backup right before I did the beard, so I could fix mistakes. It ended up being "DAVE CLEAN SHAVEN!"

Hire me Gillette
Anyway, since the Beard went off without a hitch, I was left with a backup file. I had my ultimate portrait safe and sound, why not use the backup file to have some fun? I could see how I looked with all sorts of facial hair!

Mutton Frenchy
One Brow Wonder
Hipster beard! too ironic for you.
The class just keeps getting classier
The Persistence of Mustache
Sgt. Rappoccio, Civil War hero

Okay. Facial hair follies. Thats grade school hilarity. We need...ABOMINATIONS

Swirly bird of grotesquery




Albino? Or just a ghost?

The Classiest Creeper


That Scare the pants off you? Well, as much as I love photoshop filters, a few more felt the Dali mustache influence them:

One side duplicated and reversed


I have no idea when the next Melon & Post comic (part 5) will come out, so don't ask me.

good day to you

Friday, February 25, 2011

Music Project 2

When I claimed they would all be "Digital Paintings", last week, I lied. I wanted to do digital paintings, but I know I'm not that good at them yet, and sometimes my idea ends up being more Graphic in nature, and I wanted to test a bunch of different styles anyway.

Well I updated on Sunday, which was technically this week, but it was last week's piece. This week was completed a lot faster, because it's simpler and different in look.

#2 : Best Magmu Ever

When I lived at Park Point while going to school, I always walked to class. It was a solid mile from my apartment to my building. I never took the bus, because I relished those walks, where I would just put on my headphones and groove out for 20 minutes, taking my time. When winter rolled around I was into Underworld's new album, Oblivion with Bells. I would listen to it while walking to class, and the last song on the album, "Best Magmu Ever", would always be on the list. For a while after a snowstorm it would be cold as sin, but sunny all the time. So I'd walk to class along the path and have to dodge the ice, but it was such a beautiful day usually. For that stretch of time I listened to "magmu" constantly, almost on loop.
It came to be that now, whenever I put on that song, I remember those days, walking to class in my big red coat, headphones keeping me warm and happy and groovy, admiring the glare off the incredibly white snow tundra that was the way to RIT, which loomed in the distance like a brick utopia. I literally have that image in my mind whenever the song comes on, and I'm all kinds of okay with that. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly music project

Taking a temporary break from the nonsense that is the Post Reboot saga, I want to bring attention to something else I've started on: A weekly art project based around songs that mean something to me. I have no musical ability whatsoever, but music has played a massive part of my life, often being a companion to me when I'm alone (which is fairly frequent, and by choice). 

Anyway each week I'm going to make a digital painting about a song and what image it conjures up to me. That image may be one of three things:

1. A specific memory tied to the song
2. An interpretation of what the song means to me, usually less distinct memories
3. A vivid image that song always seems to conjure in my head

Each one will have an artist statement as to what its all about. I hope to get one done each week, and preferably the style will be a little more artsy and less cartoon like then the type of drawing I usually make. 

Here is #1: 

Saturday night's alright (for fighting)

When I was a kid, on the weekend occasionally Mom would go on a crazy cleaning spree where she did the whole first floor of the house. I wasn't old enough to help out yet, so I would screw around. Mom had a speaker system set up around the family room, and she had a 6 disc CD changer. She'd always play the same CD's, usually the Complete Disney Soundtrack, some Duran Duran (which annoyed my Dad to no end) and Elton John. 

For some reason, I loved "Saturday Night's Alright (for fighting)". It got me completely excited. In our family room was the door to our porch, and in the later afternoon the sun would shine through it, casting neat shadows on the ground. I was maybe 5, and with the song pumping me up, I would run around in circles for the entirety of the song, running in and out of the window shadows. It remains to this day one of my earliest memories. 

Just a year or so later and Mom found out I was old enough to help her clean, and the fun quickly ended, no one likes dusting shelves. 

I don't even listen to this song very much now, but I've always remembered it for these weekends. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Post Reboot: PART FOUR


I'm totally winging this whole thing. WAIT, NO I'M NOT, I TOTALLY HAVE THIS PLANNED OUT TO END AT SOME POINT, TRUST ME! lets continue the story with part 4! NANOBOTS! OH SNAP!

You know it's getting serious when someone rips off Splinter Cell. But where were all the promised Nanobots? 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Post Reboot, Part TRES

Welcome back to the Super Post Reboot. When we last left our heroes, Melon had found a potential help for our wounded lantern of night, but was the help as good as they initially seemed? Also the help is totally a couple of Tomatoes. TOMATOES! Lets see what happens! Will our situation get resolved?


Where the heck could this possibly be going? And what on earth is that Pot...thing?

*maybe, probably not