Thursday, April 19, 2012

Draft Analysis

The NFL draft is almost among us, and again we are bombarded by "draft analysts" telling us who will go where. Frankly, since I don't watch much College ball, the draft is a little dull, but I still find it entertaining watching these analysts get stuff wrong. When some team makes a surprise pick or trade, the fallout is usually the most entertaining part of the whole thing.

I have nothing against Mel Kiper, outside his hair, but I made fun of him anyway.

Google Ruined the size, so here's the full version:


Some other news, the Steelers decided on a throwback uniform for this year. It looks terrible. They look like bees crossed with prison outfits.

Where's Mike Wallbuzz?

I made this one for my bros over in TFF because someone wanted to see John Elway lick Peyton Manning's forehead. 


Also, not football related, but I grew up an Orioles fan. I was asked by to make a piece for a recent article criticizing the sad state of the O's. I sadly obliged.

The past 10+ years for O's fans

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