Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Draft Spoilers

So these past few years ESPN and the NFL network have had this annoying tendency during the draft to show the players talking on their phones to teams before they actually get called. So for example, when the jets picked Sanchez, before the official pick was announced they showed Mark Sanchez talking on his phone and smiling. It ruined the suspense of the pick for everyone watching, and Goodell apparently told the networks to knock it off. This of course isn't going to stop twitter. hell, chances are high the players themselves will tweet before they get called. It was a nice effort by the League, but in today's connected world I'm not sure it's going to help much. We'll see tomorrow. 

In other news, have a panorama I made during a recent visit to Mt. Saint. Helens. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Draft Analysis

The NFL draft is almost among us, and again we are bombarded by "draft analysts" telling us who will go where. Frankly, since I don't watch much College ball, the draft is a little dull, but I still find it entertaining watching these analysts get stuff wrong. When some team makes a surprise pick or trade, the fallout is usually the most entertaining part of the whole thing.

I have nothing against Mel Kiper, outside his hair, but I made fun of him anyway.

Google Ruined the size, so here's the full version:


Some other news, the Steelers decided on a throwback uniform for this year. It looks terrible. They look like bees crossed with prison outfits.

Where's Mike Wallbuzz?

I made this one for my bros over in TFF because someone wanted to see John Elway lick Peyton Manning's forehead. 


Also, not football related, but I grew up an Orioles fan. I was asked by to make a piece for a recent article criticizing the sad state of the O's. I sadly obliged.

The past 10+ years for O's fans

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nike Redesigns

Nike just released their uniform redesigns for the NFL. Outside some fabric changes, and the noteable exception of the Seahawks, none of the uniform designs changed much. The seahawks somehow were made worse. Just bring back the freaking neon green jerseys and everyone will be happy. I know I will be, the Neon jerseys had a definite identity which was loads better than the weird blue they wear nowadays. Blue is so distinct, that's why half the league wears some variation of it.

Anyway, I made a comic about it as a Nike joke.

I had fun doing the 3 fake "new" uniforms, so I figured I'd waste my time and do a redo of every single team. All 32 of them (Just the home jerseys though, away ones can jump off a cliff). Most of these are obvious jokes or to attempts at something different with the color scheme, but a few of them I'd actually say would be better than the teams current uniforms (Captain America Patriots would rule so hard). Anyway, here is all 32 teams, jokingly revamped. 
Seahawks green, with Skittle belt.

Patriots Cpt. America

Bengals eye sores

The Raiders.

NY Giants, complete with hulk hands.

The Houston Texan Farmer

Oh god the Vikings why do you hurt me so
San Diego Super Chargers
Packers  are about cheese, get it?
baltimore ravens w/bulletproof vest. Everyone needs to watch the Wire
Redskins ready to rumble


The Steelers?

Rawr bears




It took way longer than expected and I couldn't come up with outlandish ideas for all of them, but sometimes simplicity is for the best anyway. 

Also comedy option for the Bills: Silence of the Lambs joke