Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Football Requests

So last week I wanted to draw more football because that's who I am now so I asked the guys over in The Football Funhouse to give me stupid ideas, and I'd sketch them. These are the results. 

Long Running TFF joke that no one would draw so I did: Jacobs as the Juggernaut
MonsterWalk asked for Colt McCoy as Lennie in Of Mice and Men. Co-credit to Gonad the Ballbarian.

Grozz Nuy "Liked it when Big Ben eats his own shit"

FizFashizzle asked for Matt Ryan throwing a water balloon

Detroit_Dogg asked for Peyton Manning as Hank Hill

NC-17 asked for Hipster Brady on a fixie

Thaddius the Large asked for Adrian Peterson as Atlas holding up Christian Ponder

Duraznos asked for Jimmy Clausen as an Ostrich

The Incredible Ed asked for Jay Cutler running from Suh on treadmills

Jelq Swagger asked for Jordy Nelson catching a frisbee like a dog

Lovie Unsmith asked for Tony Romo as the Joker

Crazy Ted asked for the Lions mascot shanking Jamaal Charles in the knee

TheModernAmerican asked for Brian Dawkins doing his flying tackle 

Shaft481 wanted Donald Driver as John Travolta

Issac Bruce Bowen asked for the Dumb and Dumber poster with Peyton and Elway

Silly Burrito asked for Drew Brees as a Contra guy

And one request I carried forth into last week's comic, which I forgot to post here: 

Thanks for the idea MissleWaster

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Football heaven

2 weeks late to the party, but when you lose all your line work to a 2 second power outage it certainly kills your motivation to finish. Oh well, I'm glad I got to at least pay tribute to a San Diego legend.

Not too much has happened in the NFL these two weeks. it's that wonderful part of the offseason where there is no more draft speculation and tons of time till anything meaningful happens, so everyone is just ranking players and making something out of nothing.

Here's another thing I drew last week on commission:

Also the guys at the Classical asked for my opinion on the new Brooklyn Nets logo. Watch as I fake being a smart person:

Another thing I made for Mandatory. Don't read it with kids around:

Friday, May 4, 2012

RIP Seau and the Browns Draft

RIP man
The Chargers lost a legend in Junior Seau. He was found with a self-infliected gunshot wound to the chest by his girlfriend. His family has decided to donate his brain to science, to see if his erratic behavior the past year or so may have been due to Brain damage. Regardless of whether or not it's the reason for his suicide, the community has taken notice and the NFL hopefully gets forced into more safety changes, and we stop celebrating hard hitters and start celebrating players who actually wrap up when they tackle. 

In other news:

The NFL draft is over. The Browns had 2 picks in the first round. Trent Richardson is a damn good runningback, and I wish him well. They also took Brandon Weeden, a decent QB who also happens to be 28 years old at the time of drafting. Weeden isn't bad but he wasn't a first round pick, and it would appear the Browns did not draft well at all outside Richardson. Time will tell. I hope Weeden lights it up.

Also the Dolphins took Ryan Tannehill.